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                                          189 Contractors Ave. Livermore, CA 94551    T:925-455-1000  F:925-455-1001

Mech. Design & Shops 

Sales for the Chinese & Asian market is serviced by our China Office. Mechanical  engineers also design in custom product & mechanical parts production.

R&D, Factory & Warehouse

R&D, Factory & Warehouse

Administration & Sales


Administration & Sales


China Office

​Kunshan, CHINA

Sales and assembly of products for the Asian and European markets takes place at this location. Also, supply most of electronic parts for AKIRA products


Korea Office

Seoul, KOREA


Head Quarters

California, USA


AKIRA is headquartered in Northern California. The administration for the entire company as well as sales for the US as well as South America and Northern American countries are supported at this location. The designing and production of custom products as well as assembly of our products takes place at our warehouse at our head quarter location.

Established in 1999, AKIRA emerged as a company committed to providing innovative products for the digital display market. In our early years, AKIRA established itself as leader in consumer display products in a market initially being exposed to the technology.  With the need for commercial products for digital signage in the market apparent, AKIRA first introduced the Orion products into the US market with the seamless  plasma displays. Since our inception, AKIRA strives to provide customers with technical knowledge, customer service and the custom products for our product line.

The advances in the digital signage sector has provided the backdrop in which AKIRA has emerged to offer a full line of digital signage products. We offer our own line of indoor LCD products including the newest addition  ALM47Z3L-DO/ALM55Z3L-DO with its impressive 6.9mm/5.6mm image-to-image and unique open frame design. AKIRA’s full line of products include indoor and outdoor LCD, Autosteroscopic display, Touch Screen/ eWhiteboard systems along with indoor and outdoor LED products.

AKIRA’s goal is to provide innovative digital signage products and to  support our customers  from the initial concept stages to designing of custom accessories leading to successful installations. Our experience and knowledge allows us to recommend and provide complete solutions for any application.

 --- World wide operation through the Korea and China offices----

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