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LED Displays for every applications

LED Indoor and Outdoor Displays

Specialty LED Displays

Super Fine Pitch LED Monitor, LED Curtain, Flexible LED,  Curve LED, Super Thin LED & LED floor

 The AKIRA LED Series challenges the systems presently in the market with its module advantages and various types to meet your needs.

With the durable aluminum/Steel enclosure, the LED Series has proven its quality through the vast number of successful installations already in place throughout the world. Crucial heat dissipation is achieved with an internal fan and numerous heat dissipation grooves to maintain ideal temperature during operation. The installation process is simplified and requires less labor compared to steel-type modules due to its unique design.

Most of LED components are made in Japan, the world leader in LED technology ensuring reliability. 

Please click the button for the                    if you don not find the LED what you need. Or request                               for your LED Project. AKIRA Tech Support will help you to select the best performance and Price LEDs